Pam Morrison

Pastor - Author - Speaker - Healer - Believer

"My purpose is to help people find the deep love of God so they can live their best life now and forever."

Nothing Is Impossible With God

Dr. Pam Morrison is an ordained pastor who has led, or helped to lead, six churches in the Kansas City area over the last few decades. She is also a writer and a podcaster.

In 2008, Pam began to minister to those in jail. She found her heart greatly moved by women serving sentences in Leavenworth, Kansas. Most, if not all of them, were incarcerated because of drug related offenses. As Pam listened to their stories, the heartbreak of their childhoods, and their longings for their own children, her desire to minister to men and women trying to escape addiction and an endless cycle of jail or prison time grew. The fire of that desire was further fanned by recovering addicts coming to the church she was leading.

Pam has seen firsthand the situations of defeat that threaten to overwhelm people in recovery. She has visited them in jail, sat in courtrooms, testified in custody hearings, ministered and taught in transition communities and prayed for their healing. She also understands the challenges for those on the helping side. She knows what it is to wonder what the right things are to say and do so that you truly help a person in recovery rather than enable them to stay where they are.

But she has a broader and enduring concern that affects all people and that is to help them discover a deep and life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ, to know and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and to gain a deep understanding of scripture. She longs for people to feel profoundly secure in their faith and out of that, to be able to boldly help others and weather “storms.”

Pam also ministers overseas with preaching, evangelism, and healing prayer. She is currently partnering with Cuban pastors to aid them in their ministries. She welcomes groups to travel with her. She has ministered in Nicaragua, Peru, and Brazil as well.

Dr. Morrison's Journey to the Present

Addiction recovery ministry and overseas missions

2011 - Present

Former Planting Pastor

Amazing Grace Community Church

2008 - 2011

Former Senior Pastor

Baldwin First United Methodist Church

2003 - 2008

Former Pastoral Care Pastor

Church of the Resurrection

2000 - 2003

Former Pastor

Grace United Methodist Church

1998 - 2000

Former Pastor

Lucas United Methodist Church

1994 - 1998

Former Pastor

Creighton United Methodist Church

1994 - 1998

DMin Degree

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

2009 - 2012

MDiv Degree

Saint Paul School of Theology

1993 - 1998

Passions and Priorities

  • Faith-Based Recovery
  • Christian Life Guidance
  • Healing Prayer Ministry
  • Care for the Poor
  • Overseas Missions
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Teaching Ministry
  • Evangelistic Preaching
  • Mentoring Young Leaders
  • Spiritual Content Writer
  • Christian Podcaster
  • Inspirational Speaker

Speaking Topics

The Healing Ministry of Christ – Equipping Your Church to Heal

Teaching on the Christian healing ministry, its history and addressing people’s fears and objections to healing ministry. Training/activation for attendees to minister healing to others.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

If you could replace your thoughts about you and your circumstances with God's thoughts, you could have joy, hope, and peace right now. This teaching will help you to learn to do this consistently.

Seminary Never Equipped Me for the Opioid Crisis

An in-depth training for leaders on how the onslaught of drug addiction in our society should be approached theologically, pastorally and practically.

Life In the Spirit

In this talk, the believer’s right to live in the fullness of the gospel is explored. Jesus said that the Father had a gift for us and we need it - life in the Spirit. Prayer for impartation of the Spirit will be given.

Remaining a Vibrant Believer At Every Moment of Our Lives

How can we become people who do not waver from their faith? How do we become people who can endure difficulty and live victoriously?

Jesus and the Addict

Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs: Using material from this book, emotional and thinking errors that are common to many, especially those in recovery, are explained.

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