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This book brings you the opportunity to minister to the addict through a completely Christ-centered curriculum."

Tammy Newberry - Radiant Church

Jesus and the Addict: 12 Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs

Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs is designed to help leaders in Christian faith-based recovery to guide those who come to their communities toward continuous freedom from drugs. The book contains twelve studies with biblical guidance on varying issues with which people in recovery struggle such as overcoming fear, learning to have hope, overcoming resentment, and dealing with forgiveness. We can often feel a little bewildered on how to help people with such a significant struggle. The book is designed to give you 12 weeks of immediate studies. Each topic, itself, could be expanded into a several week series, using the model of the book for creating the talk and discussion questions.

Jesus Christ is the answer to all the challenging issues named in the book as well as in others you will face as a leader, committed to helping addicted people. The book also helps people in recovery themselves and their loved ones to better address the problem of addiction in their lives.

Deepened relationship with Jesus and the transforming effect of His power and love bring redemption, sobriety, and freedom. Jesus and the Addict is highly useful for pastors, mentors, sponsors, church leaders, teachers – anyone working in jail, prison, transitional recovery communities, or in churches to help recovering addicts and is a source of great encouragement for people walking out of addiction and for those who love them.

Book available in paperback, ebook, and Spanish (Jesús y el Adicto: Doce Estudios Bíblicos para Personas que Están Saliendo de las Drogas y Alcohol)

Reviews for Jesus and the Addict

“What I have learned from walking with many on the recovery journey, is that the road can be difficult, both for those who seek healing, and those who seek to help. What I love about Jesus and the Addict is that Pam brings us right back to the heart of the problem – our ability to connect with, and encounter Jesus along every step of the journey. These are lessons from real life. Highly Recommended.”

Will Riddle

National Director, Prison Fellowship, Author Free at Last

“I have the great privilege of knowing Pastor Pam, and she is a passionate woman for the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who dare to look for Him. There is not a moment in a conversation with her that does not speak to you about God, that does not demonstrate the transparency of her faith and love for Jesus. Her life inspires young pastors like me to follow the path of ministry without fainting, for God will always give us the reward. I know it will be exciting for everyone who reads her book to be able to enjoy the faith and experience of this extraordinary woman. Dios te bendiga.”

Pastor Arnaldo Peña Muñoz

Methodist Church, Imias, Cuba

“I have seen drug addiction devastate young people and their families. Jesus is the answer to helping them find freedom. In Jesus and the Addict, Pam leads us in discovering relationship with God, new identity, and resolution to not give up. She’s not just a theoretician. Pam is a practitioner that labors to help the addicted be set free.”

David Perkins

Pastor, Radiant Church, Kansas City

“Your book is fabulous, Pam! … Some of my favorite parts are – the opening page that praises Jesus; the compassion, challenge, and authority in the intro; the approachability/friendliness of the tone throughout; the clear and practical layout of the chapters with the questions at the end. It seems that each lesson has just the right amount of teaching, personal stories and suggestions to help but not overwhelm. I love it!!”

LorriAnn Lovett-Gill

Personal Strategist, Powerhouse Ministries, Folsom, CA

“This book is so powerful and is not just for addicts but for everyone seeking to live their best life. It is an up close and personal account and testimony of Jesus and the works of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Pam’s experience and wisdom provide an in depth clarity and understanding of all the Holy Spirit is and can be for each one of us! She not only captures the truth and the concepts such that you know it’s more than we can even imagine, but also provides an easy to understand guide for your journey. It will open the eyes of your heart!”

Marilee Benage

Church of the Resurrection

“This book is an insightful journey into, not only addiction, but clear insight into the beauty of Christs’ deep love for all of us in spite of our human faults. Chapter 11, the Power of Forgiveness is especially meaningful to so many of our lives!”

H. White

Amazon Customer

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