Upcoming Mission Trips & Ministry Events

Upcoming Mission Trips

cuba christian mission

Cuba Mission Sep 2020 (TBA)

A trip to Havana is under discussion. All trips and events are subject to changes in travel and meeting restrictions. (TBA)

cuba mission trip 2

Cuba Mission Oct 2020 (TBA)

A trip to Camaguey, Cuba is under discussion. The trip will include worship, prayer ministry, getting to know the people, interacting with the missions and their missionary leaders. (TBA)

peru mission trip

Peru Mission (Date TBA)

A trip scheduled for earlier this year that had to be postponed is under discussion again. The purpose will be to support pastors with teaching and ministry in their churches. (TBA)

Upcoming Ministry Events

mothers of addicts

Mother of Addicts Virtual Support Group

Date TBA

With parents contacting this web site from all over the country looking for understanding and help, the hope is to create a virtual meeting place where prayer, encouragement, and advice can be shared. If interested please contact Dr. Morrison. (TBA)

healing class

Healing Class

Date TBA

Many would like to know how to minister healing, how to pray for others. This would be an opportunity to grow in understanding the biblical basis for healing and learn how to live it out with friends, family, and others. Please contact Dr. Morrison. (TBA)

womens mentoring

Women's Mentoring Group

Date TBA

Several younger women in leadership roles have asked for mentoring individually. Working together as a group would be beneficial to all. If interested, contact Dr. Morrison through the website. (TBA)

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