Mission Trips to Cuba

"Walk in the Spirit"

Join Us In Providing Powerful Ministry to the People of Cuba

In recent years, I have been traveling to Cuba. My first trips were taken as part of a large team and began in Havana. As the trips continued, I traveled further east each time. While teaching at the Methodist Camp in Santa Clara with pastors from across the island, I described my ministry with people recovering from addiction. A pastor came to me afterwards and said, “I was once an alcoholic too. Jesus saved me.”

That introduction and friendship led me all the way to the east as I heard God whisper, “Guantanamo,” and I began to take my own groups to that area, travel there by myself, and go with my husband. We developed other relationships, and have formed a close friendship with Pastor Arnaldo Peña Muñoz and his wife, Yailiet. We continued to visit and work with their church and 18 missions. They were pastors of the Iglesia Metodista de Imias, the Methodist Church of Imias. Next, they served in the city of Camaguey. But now, they have been appointed to the Methodist Church of Niquero in the Granma district. In Cuba, the Methodist Church is fiery, devout, Spirit-filled, and full of miracles, healings and salvations. It is an honor to minister with them, people who fast and pray and look to God with their whole hearts because they have great need. God is their all in all.

We were able to help with many projects in Imias from missionary salaries to the weekly feeding program, renovations to the pastoral house, the purchase of another house which will be a training facility, a Christmas dinner for 1,000 people, and much more. We partnered with the church to vastly enlarge and remodel the sanctuary to make room for the continuing growth of the congregation. We continued with similar projects in Camaguey and now we partner with them in the Niquero church. My hope is to draw many more hearts to join us in having compassion for the great needs of the Cuban people.

I welcome more teams to come with me in my travels to Cuba. The estimated costs include round trip flights, transportation, baggage fees, a translator, meals, rooms, service, visas, and a day trip. Add in airport meals, offerings, and miscellany, and the trip is roughly $1700 - 1800. The worship and powerful ministry there are worth every penny! You will be able to freely walk in the Spirit and practice ministry using all the spiritual gifts. And, you will feel loved and be able to love deeply in return. Dios te bendiga! (God bless you) A new trip is forming now for June, week three or four, 2023.

Interested in joining Pam on a mission trip?

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