Mission Trips to Cuba

"Walk in the Spirit"

Join Us In Providing Powerful Ministry to the People of Cuba

Dr. Pam is an ordained elder, a pastor, in the Free Methodist Church. She serves, in part, as a missionary to Cuba.

Her work in Cuba involves many things, feeding programs, evangelistic dinners, remodeling and expanding churches, supporting pastors and missionaries, providing generators, food, clothing, medicine, means of transportation and so on.

Her primary missionary partner, Pastor Arnaldo, is currently appointed to the Methodist Church of Niquero in the Granma province of Cuba. However, together, they have helped and been of support to many other pastors and missionaries. They currently are trying to raise money for pastors to have a generator and a motorcycle, electric bike, or moped, some way to get around with the long distances they have to walk.

If you are interested in making a donation:

1) Please make your check to Central Region Conference, putting Cuba Mission Fund in the memo line.

2) Please mail your check to:

The Central Region Conference Free Methodist Church P.O. Box 216 McPherson, Kansas 67460

We will shortly add options for electronic giving. Be patient with us as all gets set up!

Pastor Pam welcomes more teams to come with her in her travels to Cuba. The estimated costs include round trip flights, transportation, baggage fees, a translator, meals, rooms, tips, visas, and a day trip. Add in airport meals, offerings, and miscellany, and the trip is roughly $1700 - 1800 from Miami to Cuba. Costs, of course, may change with rising prices. The worship and powerful ministry there are worth every penny! You will be able to freely walk in the Spirit and practice ministry using all the spiritual gifts. And, you will feel loved and be able to love deeply in return. Dios te bendiga! (God bless you)

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Interested in joining Pam on a mission trip?

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